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DOCTROIT  Advocating for the cash paying patient  


This DOCTROIT web site is a free service.

DOCTROIT is a web site that brings cash paying patients and cash accepting doctors together. 

DOCTROIT makes no claim whatsoever about the patients or doctors listed here.  Since anyone is free to make a listing someone can even maliciously place false information here and it is unlikely that it will be identified as such.  DOCTROIT does not verify any truth to statements made here.  When calling a physician listed you should verify what you saw on this site.  DOCTROIT reserves the right to remove any listing for any reason.

DOCTROIT is unable to say how qualified a doctor is who registers here.  Patients still have to make their best judgment on this.

Charges for a physician visit are unpredictable based on the extent of care required, testing needed, or procedures performed.  Some services may even result in charges from a third party who, amazingly, may not be listed on DOCTROIT.  (ie x-rays sent to a radiologist for interpretation or lab tests sent to an outside lab.)  Your doctor may need to refer you to another doctor, who may not participate with DOCTROIT.  Patients should ask their doctor about this.

The DOCTROIT card is not an insurance card.  It entitles you to nothing.  It simply fills that burning need deep within every receptionist to copy a card for your file.  The DOCTROIT card is your gentle reminder to the doctor that they agreed to accept a special fee for you - the cash paying patient.  The DOCTROIT service is generally not usable when any part of your service is being billed to insurance. 

DOCTROIT is a voluntary service that may be cancelled at any time by any party.

This site may become out-of-date with respect to various information presented here.